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Facilities & Equipment


In the years 1970-1999 the business was transferring in different areas as our seat was the each space, which we rented. From 2000 to now, Maniotis A & S headquarters in its proprietary facilities in Avlona, Attika, where is located the Α' production department. We, also, have a branch in Avlona , 2km from our seat , which is used as storage and payroll and Β' production department.


Our equipment is made up of:

o 3 opened mixers

o 3 closed mixers

o 20 hydraulic rubber compression presses up to 120x120

o 2 diagonal and 2 horizontal rubber injection presses

o 2 hydraulic presses 6m

o 1 rubber extruder

o 2 autoclaves

o 2 plastic injection presses

o 2 crushers

o 1 percussive press 100 tones

o 2 percussive presses 15 tones

o 2 processing centers CNC burrs

o 1 conventional lathe

o 1 conventional burr

o 1 metalworking machinery 

o 1  Radial

o 1 Rektifie

o 1 welding MIG 500A

o 1 welding TIG 320A

o 1 machine for sandblast

o 2 skin cutting machines

Proud of our actual equipment, we are watchful and attend to do every day our requirement richer according to the needs , which are created by the evolution of technology and our desire to be joined in new branches. We give great importance to excellent use and to frequent maintenance of our machines so that can be achieved the correct operation.

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