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Our company is founded by Maniotis Ioannis in 1970 and since trades in sector of manufacturing rubber and hydraulic products. After 27 years, in 1997, the business goes to his sons, Alkis and Stavros , and thence takes the name Maniotis A & S company. Very quickly the two young guys , who were full of new ideas and mood of work, bored the scope of action in business.

In 2005, Maniotis A & S  bought the equipment of "Patend Plast company- Kolidas Brothers" and then introduced into plastics productions. In 2010, bought the equipment of company "Lappas Bros" and started producing elastic soles. In 2016, got on to buy out the equipment of company "Karipidis Andreas", which also actioned with making soles and the equipment of company "Stavrou Alexandros" which produced various rubbers. It was a significant decision for business' future when was created a machining department in company in 2015.This movement helped the company to have the absolute control of integral producing process, because today the company can create the mold of the products on its own, can take up projects which concern only projects of machine's work and can reduce the delivery time of a product as the whole process is developed by itself. 

Today, the 2 brothers, Alkis and Stavros, are trying to train the new generation. They are , always, close to it like a shield of protection and with one and only goal: the bright future of the company.

Our basic principles

In "Maniotis A & S" we are committed to providing support to our customers from the first moment and throughout the life of the products we deliver to you. The insurance of the highest quality and the consistency and reliability of our agreement are our basic principles. We are , always, ready to offer to our customers our long experience and technical knowledge . We care for the most challenging demand of modern professionals. We follow the constant development of technology and we adapt to developments for the purpose of enriching our range with new novel products , specializing the staff and equipping duly our company's facilities. Throughout these years, we are moving in the direction of the noble rivalry and ethos and we are conquering the top without using imperfect competition. We  try to actualize our aims and brew step by step the following day. We don't forget our beginning. We don't abjure it.. On the contrary, we are a company ingrained in past set in present and vigorously emergent in future.

Our certifications

Our company is certified from International Organization of Standardization with ISO:90012015, because we prefer to ensure with this way the quality of the products. We join agreeably in revision of the standards of quality administration ISO.

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