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04 Jul What means CE in a product?
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The imperial letters CE come from the abbreviation of the French phrase "Confirmite Europeane" which means European Compliance. The manufacturers deposit CE in a product and it declares that this product is complied with all the applicable communal provisions and how the relevant procedures of compliance's evaluation have been followed.  With the installation of this marking the responsibility for the quality of the product is taken by the manufacturers. Products with CE could circulate free in European market because it is believed that it is abided by each time existing European specifications. Our company, after research on the issue, made you known that the CE doesn't provide for the rubber and plastic products of our scope from the European provision. However, our products are always authorized for their quality because they incur an abiding control of the producing walk. Nowadays, we don't provide CE in our products because it isn't required. We could provide CE in the future. We always remain informed nevertheless for every European advance and we conform presently.  Information source: e.c.    ..
04 Jul Machine purchase
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The constant business brainstorm of Maniotis A & S in order to advance, evolve and responsibility develop coerce us into buying one new hydraulic press, Terenzio Milano, which includes two turntables and its dimensions are 1,20 x 1,20 mm. Our new producing recruit will give us the chance to access the production of new items. The foremost advantage of this machine in relation to existing machines is its big dimensions. In a brief time span, the machine will be effective. We are always watchful! We don't stop improving!..
04 Jul Renewal Certificate ISO
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Our company communicates you with great pleasure the renewal of certificate ISO 9001:2008, which we have owned since 2007 to ISO 9001:2015. ISO 9001:2015 is a standard which defines the demands for quality or more specifically one system, which assure the quality. The initial of certificate ISO come out of the words International Standardization Organization. ISO is a global organization which standardize the way that the businesses work, produce and market their products and their services. ISO standards are under review about every 5 years if it is useful in order to respond to changes which happen in wider society and accordingly in market and businesses. The basic difference between ISO 9001:2015 and its antecedent ISO 9001:2008 is its easier structure and the centralization to advisement for danger disease. Maniotis A & S company, so, accepted the necessary education and got to know the new assure system. The company developed the action plan , defined the organizational gaps which must face down and finally we were certified in new  version from certificate bringer TUV AUSTRIA - HELLAS. Our company , of course, submitted in all tests before its certificate.  As a consequence , our company tends to do the best in order to be qualitative and to inspire coworkers and customer loyalty.  Information source:                            
04 Jul Maniotis A & S company in 9th Rubber Exhibition in Istanbul
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Our company with willingness to evolve and invest in briefing visited the 9th Global Fair for items , machines and raw materials from rubber and caoutchouc. The fair passed off in Istanbul , in Tuyap facilities Istanbul Fair and Congress Center , from 24 to 27 November 2016.  Our company's representatives because of their visit in this fair, came close to global things, researched the marketing and informed for issues , which refer to our scope. The target of our visiting was the informing about trends , new technologies, new products and certainly connecting with procurers, coworkers and costumers. Concurrently , our company entertained the idea of a possible participation as an exhibitor in a similar exhibition and came back with new ideas and new connections...
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