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In Maniotis A.& S. G.P. we work with all common types of elastomers, owing proper experience and an appreciable range of recipes for any application. Furthermore we are able to design and develope custom recipes, based on specified customers requirements.

Non of the elastomers is useful, unless it incorporates in a certain way, specific ingredients in specific quantity followed by a vulcanizasion procedure, to obtain the known elastic properties.

Either it is natural rubber, or it is synthetic, in its raw phase it is useless. With chemical ingredients we add, it is transformed in an exceptional material that can be soft as a sponge, or as elastic as trouser holders, or as hard as a bowlling ball..

The Maniotis A.& S. G.P. is commited to its customers service. Our technicians will help you and will inform you all things about functional problem solving concerning your applications, or thinks reqarding design and development of new products ideas. info@maniotis.gr



SBR. Structure contains butadiene and styrene. It is considered as a general purpose rubber. God made it work from -30ºC up to 100ºC. It is a competitor of natural rubber due to its higher resistance to abrasion and temperature. Generally it is not used single but in blends with NR, BR and CR.

NBR. It contains butadiene and acrylonitrile radicals. It is an elastomer with which you can do a lot of things. It has exceptional resistance to polar hydrocarbons (oils, grease, gasoline etc.) but low resistance to UV radiation, ozon and weather. Low temperature brittle point can be around -45ºC and the upper working temperature can reach 125ºC.

ΕPDM. It is a saturated rubber. So it is destinated for applications that require working temperatures 140º-160ºC, resistance to UV radiation, weather, water, chemicals (diluted alkaline and acidic solutions) ans relative good mechanical properties. No problem with low temperture resistance. It is flexible up to -50ºC.

NR. The nerve and strength of natural rubber, are the properties that made it as the preffered choice for many applications. It resists a lot of weariness and provides excellent mechanical properties. Products made of natural rubber are able to operateup to 90ºC and remain elastic up to -60ºC.


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