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Maniotis A.& S. G.P. is always trying to provide right prices for its products. Prices depend in big part, on the prices of elastomers. Concerning products made of natural rubber, prices can change daily. That is why we attach links from which our customers are able to check our prices. Generaly prices of natural rubber are dependant on producers from Malaysia, Indonesia and Brazil.


In this link you can find relevant information regarding natural and synthetic rubbers. Considering the variations on natural resources worldwide, you will be able to understand the Maniotis A.& S. G.P. effords, for quoting at the right price. Policy 'better quality at lower cost' is achievable. Despite the recent severe difficulties in developments status of Greece, we believe that we have the know how and the resources necessary for further improvement. Surf and get infos. We will be honored having your comments at info@maniotis.gr


ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance standard is possibly the most known and widespreaded standard that can be applied by all kind of bodies, companies, organizations independant of size and activities. Th production of Maniotis A.& S. G.P. is running under a certified quality assurance system and believes that quality, as it undestood by us, has a short term cost but there is no other way for long term reliable products. Support, inquiries at qa@maniotis.gr


When a producer affixes the CE mark on a product, he declares on his responsibility that the product conforms to the essential requirements of current european directives and that all relevant procedures of evaluation and classification are kept. As products having the CE mark conform to all european directives, have the right of free delivery and use in European Union.



Readers of Rubber World Product News can find the latest information for a big range of services for rubber industry, including equipment, materials, methods. In Maniotis A.& S. G.P. you will find support on innovations presented worldwide, as we follow the events and we have the knowledge for development.




A guide for flages, seals, materials and applications, concerning hydraulics and potable water. A trusted accredited body and laboratory.


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